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The aim of the PAD Foundation, a non-profit organization, thanks to the so‑called “5 x 1000” devolutions, is to organize, promote and fund, specialization courses, internships residentship for specialists, scientific studies and educational activities aimed at teaching the most advanced techniques for revascularization of the lower limbs in diabetic patients, thereby avoiding amputation and consequent disability.



Almost thirty years ago the experience of Dr. Graziani in non-surgical treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diabetics started, because of their very high lower limb amputation risk. There were many difficulties to overcome at that time, not to mention the medical culture that believed this treatment to be impossible if not counterproductive. In other words, the innovation was consisting of extending the revascularization to the leg and foot arteries, adopting innovative modified-tailored coronary CTO recanalization techniques.
Instead in the last fifteen years these techniques have become very popular throughout the medical world, determining for the first time and in Italy, a significant reduction in the incidence of major amputations. Today talking about angioplasty and peripheral revascularization in diabetics is common, often representing the main attraction in conferences in both Italian and international medical conferences on the complications of diabetes and beyond.
How and perhaps more than any other techniques of the modern medical science, it is necessary from an institutional side, a special effort in order to favor these techniques’ teaching to medical specialists involved, such as cardiologists, radiologists or vascular surgeons.
These techniques are in fact more complex than other similar we currently adopt in the coronary tree, requiring a specifically designed training course in teaching centers of proved excellence. For that purpose the PAD Foundation, a non-profit institution, was recently established, with the specific task of promoting the reduction of major lower amputations in people with diabetes through research and the support of medical specialists for learning the new revascularization techniques.

In February 2012 the PAD Foundation was conferred the status of non-profit organization (ONLUS) by the Regional Revenue Agency of Lombardy and on 27 August 2012 a resolution of the Regional Council established its legal status.

The PAD Foundation is enrolled in the national register of non-profit organizations (ONLUS)

The board of directors:

Dott. Lanfroi Graziani
Chairman and founder