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In 1984 Dr. Graziani, a specialist in Cardiology and Radiology, started applying coronary angioplasty techniques to the arteries of the legs and feet, in particular in diabetic and dialyzed patients at risk of limb loss. Over the years, he has been the first to pioneer and refine those endovascular techniques which have become more and more effective, in a field where further development their effectiveness had always been thought impossible.



At the end of the 90s, Dr. Graziani, a pioneer in non-surgical revascularization techniques for diabetic patients, started to collaborate with the main Italian centers for diabetes and diabetic foot in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of his techniques to prevent amputations in people with diabetes and their consequent disability.

This fruitful collaboration lead to the publication, in  2002   and 2005, of the first two significant scientific articles in important international scientific journals, showing the effectiveness of endovascular techniques for the prevention of amputations in diabetic patients.

Over the last ten years, these and other publications have formed the scientific basis for the increased use, on a global scale, of endovascular

techniques for the prevention of amputations in diabetic patients, thanks to the techniques perfected by Dr. Graziani. He has been the first to describe and publish almost all methods currently known and used for the recanalization of the arteries of the legs and feet.

He has written over 100 scientific publications and directed several international courses to promote his own non-surgical techniques to avoid the amputation of the limbs.

For almost 30 years he has been carrying out coronary, peripheral and carotid revascularization surgery, mainly in diabetic patients, and his department has always been the national center of reference for difficult cases.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Graziani has organized training courses in his center for over 150 cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons of different nationalities on his techniques.

He has also organized international scientific courses and conferences on the same topic, in order to promote and spread these methods on a global scale with the only aim of reducing the risk of amputations in diabetic patients and their consequent disability.

Since 2009, in collaboration with and endorsed by the Region of Lombardy, he has organized, in his center in Brescia, internships mainly aimed at non-European specialists, in order to teach them the most advanced endovascular techniques.

Since 1998, Dr. Lanfroi Graziani has been in charge the head of Interventional Cardiology at the Istituto Clinico "Città di Brescia" hospital in Brescia, Italy.









 A list of some of the most recent publications: